Derby Doll Bearing Lube (20ml)


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Nothing makes Origin Skates happier than a collaboration with local skaters! Introducing the Derby Doll Bearing Cleaner!


Listen skaters, bearings are EXPENSIVE, so let’s make sure they last a long time, and the secret to this is making sure you clean them regularly, especially after skating in dirty or wet areas.  This Bearing Lube ensures that after cleaning or exposure to water your bearings roll like the day you got them! This lube is non-greasy and will repel dust as your roll, keeping your bearings safe from damage and extending their life.


After cleaning or after they’ve been wet, place 2-3 drops onto your bearings and spin them to make sure the lube penetrates all the little ball-bearings. If the bearing doesn’t roll smoothly, add another drop or two. (And please, DON’T drink it!)


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