Riedell R3 (US 5) Entry/Intermediate Roller Derby Skates

R2,200.00 R1,800.00


These Boots are in exceptional condition and are definitely suited as an entry level skate for roller derby.  These Skates  have what is called a “sneaker fit” and come with a synthetic/nylon plate and are set up with Heartless (88A) Wheels and  Crazy  Toe Stops.  These are a US 7 and fit around a South African size 5/6 depending on your foot.


Each Pair of Pre-Loved skates from Origin Skates has been lovingly serviced and cleaned by one of the Origin Skates Team. All the moving parts of the skate has been disassembled, inspected, cleaned and lubricated (where required). All skates are checked to ensure that they are in working order and all parts that may have needed replacing have been replaced with new parts.



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